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Atlantik Elektronik Solutions for Tracking

Designed especially for all kind of tracking applications

Atlantik Elektronik is your Tracking Solutions Provider.

Atlantik Elektronik offers products and solutions specifically designed for all kinds of tracking applications. This includes an extensive set of hardware, software and development tools as well as the possibility to combine selected parts and create a complete solution. We support you in developing powerful, innovative, stylish devices and experience with our full portfolio of tracking solutions. They are designed to deliver advances in size, performance, sensor integration, connectivity, battery life and performance.

 Target Applications:

  • Asset Tracking Devices
  • Telemactic systems
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • eMobility Vehicles

The Atlantik solutions for tracking applications are based on the latest wireless technologies for LPWAN or LTE-CAT1 and are available to customers at various levels of integration, whether it is a module, a single-board computer or customized PCBA or a ready-to-use end product.

In the first integration level Atlantik offers a range of LPWAN modules in different variants. These are powered by Qualcomm's latest chipsets, such as the next-generation MDM9205 global multi-mode, single-chipset connectivity solution designed specifically to support reliable, optimized wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). It includes an ARM Cortex-A7 with 800 MHz clock frequency, which can be partially used for custom applications. It supports the latest LPWAN standards NB2 / LTE -CAT-M1 and 2G fallback options. Atlantik also offers products and solutions based on the all-new Qualcomm® 212 LTE IoT modem, the world's most power-efficient single-mode NB2 (NB-IoT) chipset, which also includes an ARM Cortex M3 application processor, memory and power management units in a compact single-chip solution.

In the next stage, known as bundling and customization, Atlantik offers products and services that help its customers develop and bring products to market in less time. This can be the design of customized PCBAs based on LPWAN modules and on existing reference designs or the combination with bundling components, such as standard and custom antennas, host MCUs, memories, low power AI cameras, sensors or e-paper, to name a few.

In addition, Atlantik offers easy-to-use and easily customizable tracker boards that include NB2/LTE CAT-M1 connectivity with GNSS support, and sensors for humidity, temperature and A+G. It has a suitable set of interfaces (UART/SPI/I2C/GPIOx4/PWMx2) that can be expanded with RS485/232 transceivers. Based on the widely used ThreadX operating system, it is a fast and uncomplicated basis for next generation tracking devices.

In the final stage, Atlantik offers tracking solutions as finished products, either from a standard portfolio or as an ODM for its customers. These include small tracking devices and batches that can be used for people  or asset tracking, as well as Cellular Telematic Gateways with multiple interfaces and IP 68 tiny tracking devices for the fleet management market.

As a support end ecosystem around core components at every level, Atlantik manages the collaboration of multiple ODMs/CMs and technology partners to deliver customized turnkey solutions.

Atlantik Elektronik's tracking solutions include BSP/driver development capabilities for various components and sensors, Android OS and RTOS application and algorithm development, and third-party services/application integration. Performance optimization and full support for eco-systems, device and cloud services, and companion application development complete the solution for a one-stop shopping experience.

Atlantik Solutions include world's leading 2G-5G wireless technology, including LPWAN.  Atlantik Elektronik partners with the world's leading tracking companies, including Qualcomm, Quectel, Lantronix and Thundercomm, and has the ability to combine their technologies to create world-class solutions.

Atlantik supplies you with the right antennas for all solutions, whether as internal, external or completely customer-specific designs. We offer you accompanying technical advice starting from design, through testing and manufacturing. Challenge us!


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