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Welcome to Atlantik Elektronik GmbH!


We  scout out the trends on the global markets where technologies are used, and are experts in design-in of innovative semiconductor products.

Atlantik Elektronik has a good eye for new developments in technology and anticipates trends while they're still no more than a whisper. We're committed to staying firmly ahead of the rest of the market - and ahead of our time. 

And this time advantage is your competitive edge. 

The way we see it, standing still means that, sooner or later, you're going to be overtaken. Innovation is hardwired into our corporate culture. Before a product sales growth curve begins to level off - indicating that markets are beginning to saturate and the product is increasingly commoditized - we've already scoped out the next emerging technology. 










Atlantik Elektronik is presenting the new ARM Cortex® M4F "M451-series" from Nuvoton

MCU with 5V tolerance for I/Os







Simple connections to apps on tablets and smartphones

Bluetooth Smart Modul BC118 from Blue Creation new at Atlantik Elektronik








Atlantik Elektronik with highest speed for M2M Applications

Quectel's 4G LTE module EC20 complements existing 2G, 3G and GNSS solutions











Atlantik Elektronik and FLEXXON have signed a distribution agreement

NAND-Flash Storage Solutions are now available








xPico Wi-Fi HandsOn workshops with Atlantik Elektronik