Holitech Europe

Holitech is leader in the manufacturing of display products and is a stock listed. The company is based in the Jiangxi Province in China and was founded in 2004 as well as currently employs more than 24.000 people worldwide.

The company portfolio includes more than 1,000 products and offers display technologies such as TFTs and passive LCDs, OLEDs, bi-stable e-paper displays, touch panels, as well as FPCs, camera and biometric modules.

Supplying the telecommunications, engineering, medical, signage, financial terminals, smart building and wearables sectors, the European subsidiary Holitech Europe GmbH is particularly addressing the automation, IoT and automotive industries. Holitech Europe GmbH is a member of the German Flat Panel Display Forum DFF.

Product portfolio:

  • TFT
  • Capacitive Touch
  • Resistive Touch
  • LCD
  • ePaper
  • Coverglas
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Compact Camera Modul