Atlantik Elektronik present the new 8A Power Supply module THV81800 from THine

Ultra-High-Speed Transient Response and High Efficiency

Planegg, September 7th, 2016

Atlantik Elektronik, provider of innovative semiconductor solutions, present the new 8A Power Supply Module THV81800 from THine.

The brand new power supply module is suitable for various high-performance processing circuit board applications such as cloud servers, artificial intelligence, high-speed image processing and industrial applications.

THV81800 supports power supply system with large current, containing 1ch buck DC/DC converter, power MOSFET, inductors, and other discrete parts in a tiny package and enables almost half of usual footprints that need various external parts for power systems. The users of THine’s tiny power supply module enable to accelerate the time-to-market, minimizing frustrating long period of designing and validating their original power supply circuits. This power supply module allows decreasing the users’ costs by reducing part counts as well as enhancing reliability based on its long product life.

Furthermore, THV81800’s ultra-high-speed transient response shows the industry’s best-level performance. Usual power supply circuits, in case of drastic changes in the current load, cannot respond to such high-speed transient and result in large voltage dips that may cause malfunction of digital circuits or, in the worst case, damage the circuits. Supported by THine’s Transphase technology, THV81800 can avoid such troubles in power systems because it responds to the high-speed transients appropriately and minimizes the voltage dips.

THine’s THV81800 achieves significantly high efficiency, for example, approximately by 2% higher than usual power systems under operations driven in 4A. In addition, THine’s Powerlinker technology allows smarter power sequential controls. Powerlinker technology enables to design highly freely the sequence of each voltage rail’s power-on/off, linking each power supply if multiple power supply required.

The new 8A Power Supply Module THV81800 from THine is now available at Atlantik Elektronik.