Atlantik Elektronik presents an intelligent solution for the Internet of Things

Developing the future of Wi-Fi with the QCA4010/12

Planegg, August 18th, 2016

Atlantik Elektronik, provider of innovative semiconductor solutions, presents with the QCA4010/12 from Qualcomm an integrated and feature-rich intelligent Wi-Fi solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Utilizing the comprehensive ThreadX RTOS network stack this platform provides a full-featured dual band Wi-Fi solution for a wide variety of products. With its large 1.5MB SRAM there is no additional MCU needed. Over 800KB are free for user applications and buffering of video and audio data.

The QCA4010 combines design flexibility, a low price point, and rich development capabilities with an expansive set of hardware interfaces that allow a direct interconnect with sensors, display and actuators, to provide OEMs a simple and accelerated path to market for mature, feature rich products.

The QCA4010 includes a suite of communication protocols including Wi-Fi, IPv4/v6, HTTP and other cloud enablers, and an advanced security engine designed to maximize security in the smallest IoE devices.

The QCA401x come pre-integrated with Allseen Alliance’s AllJoyn® software framework, ensuring interoperability with the rapidly expanding AllJoyn ecosystem that is designed to enable smart devices to communicate locally.

Qualcomm technologies like “Green Tx” allow the QCA4010/12 to save power when communicating with a nearby station or access point by reducing the output power level while maintaining uplink. Tx power can be adjusted automatically to the minimum required level or can be adjusted for a specific use case.

The Integrated security crypto accelerator provides advanced security features like anti-tampering, data integrity and root of trust.

A progressive development environment based upon the QCA401x Wi-Fi platform combines industry leading Wi-Fi features in an affordable and small package ideal for sensors or other battery powered devices.

It provides a rich environment for the rapid development, prototyping, demonstration, and delivery to commercialization of mature IOT-focused products. The Qualcomm QCA4010/12 can be integrated as System on Chip or as a module with additional 16 Mbit SPI on board flash to further short time to market and to reduce development effort and risks.