Atlantik Elektronik presents the new cost- effective MCUs from Holtek

Flash Memory A/D type 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontroller

Planegg, August 28th, 2019

Atlantik Elektronik, provider of innovative embedded solutions, presents new Flash Memory A/D type 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontroller from Holtek. The new cost-effective MCUs offer users the convenience of Flash Memory multi-programming features. The devices also include a wide range of functions and features.

The new three high performance/cost ratio small Flash MCUs, the HT66F0021, HT66F0031 and HT66F0041. These three new devices are especially designed for applications such as small household appliances but of course could see excellent use in other application areas.

The HT66F0021 and HT66F0031 devices include 1K×14 bits of Flash Program Memory while the HT66F0041 includes 2K×14 bits of Flash Program Memory. These devices all have 64 bytes of SRAM, 32×14 bits of emulated EEPROM, an operating voltage of 1.8V~5.5V, a fast 4-channel 10-bit resolution A/D Converter, a timer module and an 8-bit PWM output.

A single extremely flexible Timer/Event Counter provides timing, event counting and pulse wide capture functions. A Pulse Width Modulator provides an 8-bit PWM output. An internal Watchdog Timer coupled with excellent noise immunity and ESD protection ensures that reliable operation is maintained in hostile electrical environments.

Two fully internal oscillator options are provided, one is an 8MHz HIRC and the other is a 32 kHz LIRC. The integrated high resolution HIRC oscillation circuit has a resolution of ±0.5% under the conditions of fixed voltage and fixed temperature while the LIRC has a resolution of ±1%. The ability to operate and switch dynamically between a range of operating modes using different clock sources gives users the ability to optimize microcontroller operation and minimize power consumption.

The inclusion of flexible I/O programming features and Time-Base function along with other features ensure that the devices will find excellent use in electronic metering, environmental monitoring, handheld instruments, household appliances, electronically controlled tools, motor driving in addition to many others.

With regards to packaging, the HT66F0021 is supplied in an 8-pin SOP package type; the HT66F0031 is supplied in a 16-pin NSOP package type while the HT66F0041 is supplied in 16-pin/20-pin NSOP and 20-pin SSOP package types. Using these minimal size package types makes these devices very suitable for use in certain small profile cases.

Based on the experience in embedded technologies Atlantik Elektronik is the ideal partner for cost-effective MCUs. Detailed information about application notes as well as support can be obtained from Atlantik Elektronik.