Bluetooth Low Energy Controller available at Atlantik Elektronik

Fully-integrated single-chip controller from Holtek

Planegg, May 8th, 2017
Atlantik Elektronik presents the new Bluetooth Low Energy Controller from Holtek. The BC7601 and BC7602 especially developed for Bluetooth Low Energy applications. Dedicated for transparent transmission, the devices are suitable for applications such as health care products, home appliances and smart device information beacons to name but few.

The devices include high performance RF and MODEM functions and with their fully integrated DC/DC converter and linear voltage regulator, they provide a stable and wide voltage range single power supply.

Both devices include a low power transmitter and receiver, with the receiver having a programmable gain of up to 75dB and a sensitivity of up to -90dBm. Excellent low power operating modes are provided including Sleep and Power down modes. Additionally, the BC7602 includes an area of patch memory to reduce the development workload and system cost.

The BC7601 is supplied in a 32-QFN (4mmx4mm) package type while the BC7602 is supplied in a 46-QFN (6.5mmx4.5mm) package type, which is well suited for miniaturized BLE applications. Full BLE transparent transmission can be implemented by using the SPI serial peripheral interface or the UART universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter, convenient solutions which offer the best present choices for low energy Bluetooth transparent transmission controllers.

Based on the experience in embedded and wireless technologies Atlantik Elektronik is the ideal partner for Bluetooth Low Energy Controller. Detailed information about application notes as well as support can be obtained from Atlantik Elektronik.