Atlantik Elektronik HMI solution for wet environments

Solid design of our HMI solutions especially suited for wet environemts by improved robustness and water tolerant touch surface.

Atlantik Elektronik offers a huge range of display (standard & custom) and HMI solutions for all serviced market segments.



Water tolerant Touch

  • Touch IC: EETI, ADI
  • Water can be splashing, flowing, condensing on the display
  • Soapy water, shampoo, detersive on the display
  • No false detections triggered by water
  • Operation in case of water on display



Complete Product Development

  • Use case specific consultation
  • FAE support in touch tuning phase


_Typical Applications
  • Bathroom
  • Whirlpool / Swimmingpool
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Outdoor vending machine
  • Outdoor packing station


_Reference Design
  • Cover Lens Material: 3mm glass
  • Hardeness >= 6H thermal hardened
  • Cover plate surface AG treatment, gloss 70 +/-10
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Backlight brightness and lifetime: 600 cd/m² /50k hrs