Atlantik Elektronik Embedded Solutions

Industrial and Commercial System on Modules and Single Board Computers

Atlantik Elektronik offers a wide range of solutions to help customers develop complete and secure next generation connected and intelligent devices.

As development cycles are getting shorter and shorter, our portfolio of application specific and general purpose System on Modules and Single Board Computers helps customers to significantly reduce their time to market. With our ready – to-use hardware and software building blocks we lay the basis for new product developments at lower risk and costs, as the complex parts like processor and memory connection, wireless connectivity and tuning, or BSP / OS development have already been solved.

There are many different requirements to the selection of the right embedded platform and we will be pleased to advise you to find the right solution for your project. Our offerings start at the very low power end, suitable for connected wearable or tracking devices that need to make the most out of their battery capacity. Low End solutions already start to integrate more CPU cores and add GPU functionality for more sophisticated display applications and more processing power. We are starting to talk about up to Octa Core Performance and UHD resolutions in the mid range of our SoMs and SBCs and the high end products give access to the ultimate performance with architectures integrating different CPU core technologies, GPUs for 4k@60 encoding and decoding as well as access to latest DSPs well suited for XR and AI applications.

As different as the performance requirements are also the requirements for the software. We cover this with a wide range of supported operating systems like Linux, Android, Windows, ThreadX and automation software like Codesys.

Atlantik Elektronik Offerings

  • Hardware customization

o   Customization or full custom  System on Modules and Single Board computers

o   Carrier boards

o   Customized indicated accessories and peripherals pre-installed

  • Software customization

o   Android BSP and driver development

o   SDK customization

o   UI customization

o   Application development

o   System integration

o   System performance tuning

o   Algorithm development

  • Bundling

o   Combination with additional components on HW and SW level

o   Displays, cameras, antennas, …

  • Manufacturing

o   ID and Mechanical customization

o   System assembly

o   Batch manufacturing at ISO certified factory

o   Certification


_Different solutions for different applications