Bluetooth© Smart @ ATE Services

We’re rated in Germany as the solution provider with the most experience in Bluetooth© and also offer a complete portfolio of products and services for the forthcoming Bluetooth© Smart wave in the Internet of Things:


We offer products from numerous eminent Bluetooth manufacturers, including CSR, the pioneer in the Bluetooth© market. Chip or module, we have the right component for every application.

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Hardware Support

High-tech solutions are now part of more products and applications than ever before. If you’re not an electronics specialist, or if Bluetooth© isn’t your area of expertise, we can help you design Bluetooth© Smart into your product. With our knowledge of Bluetooth© and extensive network of specialists for wireless applications, we can help you get your product to market quickly.

APP support for Android & iOS

Often, a smartphone app is the most customer-friendly way to put Bluetooth© communication abilities on a consumer device.  Our programmers create apps according to your specs, making it far easier for you to integrate Bluetooth© Smart into systems such as lighting controls.

Software Support

We provide you with software support that gets to grips with the details of your real-life applications. As well as creating completely new software, we also offer deployment-ready solutions and can enrich your code with special features such as over-the-air updates or over-wire updates.

Trainings/ Webinare

Want to become a Bluetooth© Smart expert, or just learn just about Bluetooth Smart technology?

Our webinars are the perfect way forward.

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Atlantik's BT Smart lighting solutions

For lighting projects, we can help you even more. Atlantik Elektronik Services offer the BLC101 family of BlueLiteCtrl products for smart lighting. In addition to the Bluetooth Smart interface, the products feature a suitable power supply (AC or DC) and PWM or DALI outputs for controlling bulbs and other lighting. 

 If you’re interested in Bluetooth© Smart technology or if there’re something else you’d like to ask, just reach out – we’re here to help. Contact us.

In Deutschland gelten wir als Lösungsanbieter mit der größten Erfahrung im Bereich Bluetooth©  und bieten ebenfalls für die kommende Bluetooth© Smart Welle im „Internet of Things“ ein Komplettportfolio an:


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